Carsten Maschmeyer is a successful entrepreneur,
investor, consultant, TV founder mentor and best-selling author.

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Carsten Maschmeyer
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Carsten Maschmeyer is a successful entrepreneur,
investor, consultant, TV founder mentor and best-selling author.

"I am convinced there is enormous entrepreneurial potential to be discovered in the people."




”There is no such thing as a good business. There are only good businessmen.” It is under this principal that Carsten Maschmeyer successfully invests in startups with ALSTIN, seed+speed ventures and Maschmeyer Group Ventures in Europe and the US.

The Maschmeyer Group

With the pre-seed and seed stage venture capital firm seed + speed, Carsten Maschmeyer supports innovative business ideas at a very early stage by providing capital, active support in sales and entrepreneurial knowledge.

With the investment company ALSTIN, Carsten Maschmeyer is involved with many successful growth companies and helps founders by sharing his entrepreneurial know-how, sales expertise and a network established over 30 years of experience.

In San Francisco, Carsten Maschmeyer is active with his investment company MGV and always on the lookout for innovative startups. His local team invests in international, future-oriented companies in various sectors.

The company Paladin Asset Management invests in enterprises that are undervalued on the stock market. Due to its exceptionally high returns, the Paladin ONE fund has received numerous top-ranking awards.



TV Investor

Carsten Maschmeyer supports founders – on TV as well. He is a TV judge on the popular show “Die Höhle der Löwen” (German version of ‘Shark Tank’) on VOX.

Die Höhle der Löwen


Höhle der Löwen

The fifth round of the hit founder show “Die Höhle der Löwen” (German version of ‘Shark Tank’) starts in 2018. Viewers can expect mind-blowing pitches in a primetime slot. The courageous founders stand before five investors in hopes of receiving assistance for a rapid start to their entrepreneurial careers.

Die Höhle der Löwen


The Author

Carsten Maschmeyer likes to share his experience and knowledge. With his books “Selfmade“ and “Die Millionärsformel” (The Millionaire’s Formula), he has soared to the top ranks of the most notable book lists.




Everyone has a right to be successful! His achievements are what many dream about: Carsten Maschmeyer is a self-made man in the truest sense of the word, and is one of Germany’s most successful and fascinating businessmen. His secret to success? That there is no secret, because according to the intriguing argument in his book: Success is possible as long as you know how to get there.

Die Millionärsformel


Die Millionärsformel

Traditional financial investments no longer work. In the world of zero interest, the old rules applied to building wealth have lost their validity. It has never been more difficult to invest and make money. Nonetheless: Anyone can become financially independent!

Die Millionärsformel


The Speaker

Carsten Maschmeyer has always shared his knowledge and recipes for success with others – often as a speaker in lecture halls, at conferences, or in congresses.



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Carsten Maschmeyer was born in 1959 in Bremen. He grew up in modest circumstances with his single mother in a mother and child home in Hildesheim. He had a strict upbringing from his stepfather.


Carsten Maschmeyer enjoyed athletic success during his adolescence as the district youth champion in middle and long-distance running. After earning his high-school diploma in 1978, he enrolled in the German armed forces for two years.


Maschmeyer begins his studies at the Medical University of Hannover. To finance his studies, he worked on the side in the sales department of the financial consulting company OVB Vermögensberatung. He became so deeply involved in financial consulting that he gave up his medical studies.


Due to Maschmeyer’s tremendous success, his career quickly took off as he became the national director and head of 3,000 employees. The BILD newspaper called him “Europe’s most successful young entrepreneur.” Maschmeyer quit at OVB in 1987.


Looking for new challenges, Maschmeyer invented independent financial consultancy and founded Allgemeinen Wirtschaftsdienst (AWD). Within just a few years, AWD expanded to ten countries with a customer base of two million and 10,000 employees.


In the summer of 2000, Maschmeyer put AWD on the stock market and shortly thereafter on the MDAX. The company grew quickly and posted record sales. In 2007, Maschmeyer sold the company to Switzerland’s largest life insurance company Swiss Life, which is now called Swiss Life Select.


Maschmeyer supports a number of children’s projects (such as “Herz für Kinder,” A Heart for Children), is an honorary senator of the Leibniz University of Hannover and a freelance lecturer at the Munich International School of Management. He also supports the project “Neurological Learning” at the University of Hildesheim and is co-founder of the Internationalen Stiftung Neurobionik (International Neurobionic Foundation).


With the founding of the Maschmeyer Group, a new chapter begins in Carsten Maschmeyer’s life. He now dedicates his full passion to investment activities in future-oriented companies. With his investment company ALSTIN, he invests in startups during different stages of growth, particularly in the fields of digitalization, technology and the internet.


In his book “Selfmade,” Maschmeyer elaborates on the principles of his success, landing on the best-seller lists of the magazine Spiegel. He is a popular speaker and coach on the topic of success and advises large international enterprises on strategic subjects.


Maschmeyer invests in companies that are undervalued on the stock market with Paladin Asset Management InvAG. The mutual fund Paladin ONE (WKN, security identification number A1W1PH) has received numerous awards in recent years due to its outstanding performance, including the Fund Award 2017 from the magazine €uro.


Professional success is followed by personal happiness. Carsten Maschmeyer marries the love of his life, actress Veronica Ferres, in France. Maschmeyer brings two adult sons into the marriage, his wife brings a daughter.


With seed+speed, Maschmeyer founds yet another investment company. With it, he invests in companies in early stages in all industries. The experienced team at seed+speed supports founders most particularly in developing sales in companies while also providing valuable expertise.


With the addition of Carsten Maschmeyer, the TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen” (German version of ‘Shark Tank’) has a new, high-profile TV investor. On the show, founders present their ideas and products to the five investors with hopes of getting them on board. The viewer ratings increased markedly in the third series, and the show is VOX’s most successful in-house production. During the same year, Maschmeyer published his second book: “Die Millionärsformel – Der Weg zur finanziellen Freiheit” (The Millionaire’s Formula – The Path to Financial Freedom) takes second place on the SPIEGEL bestseller list.


The Maschmeyer Group becomes even more international and also invests in companies outside the German-speaking realm. Carsten Maschmeyer is often in Silicon Valley and has excellent connections in the American startup and investor scene. He opens his own office in South Park in San Francisco for his US company Maschmeyer Group Ventures (MGV).

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