Carsten Maschmeyer is a successful entrepreneur,
investor, consultant, TV founder mentor and best-selling author.

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Carsten Maschmeyer
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Carsten Maschmeyer is a successful entrepreneur,
investor, consultant, TV founder mentor and best-selling author.

"You can change your goals every day, but do not live a day without a goal."



”There are no good companies. There are only good entrepreneurs.” Following this principle, I invest in startup companies in Europe and the USA.

The Maschmeyer Group

Through the independent venture capital fund, we invest in fast-growing tech companies that have the potential to become market leaders. We support our entrepreneurs with capital & know-how so that they can grow faster and become more successful, sooner.

With the investment company ALSTIN, I participate in successful growth stage companies and pass on my entrepreneurial experience, sales expertise and network of over 30 years to founders.

Through the pre-seed and seed VC fund seed + speed Ventures we invest in software startups with our capital, sales coaching and entrepreneurial know-how.

In San Francisco we are active with the investment company Maschmeyer Group Ventures | MGV and are looking for innovative startups from pre-seed to series A rounds. My investment team in the US invests in international, future-oriented companies from a variety of technology sectors.

Paladin Asset Management invests in companies that are undervalued on the public stock market. The Paladin ONE fund has already received several high ranking awards for its above average returns.


TV Investor

Supporting founders - that´s what I do as an investor on TV in the successful show “The lion’s den” on VOX. And when it comes to particularly good ideas and founders, the lions fight among themselves to see who will be able to secure the investment in the start-up.

Die Höhle der Löwen


In 2020, season 7 (screening in spring of 2020) and season 8 (screening in autumn of 2020) of the successful founder show "The lion’s den" will be launched. Courageous inventors and founders present their ideas to five investors, with whose help they want to launch a steep entrepreneurial career. Excitement and entertainment is guaranteed - at prime time.

Die Höhle der Löwen

The Author

I am happy to pass on my business experience and knowledge. With my two books “Selfmade“ and “The Millionaire Formula“ I achieved top rankings in the most prominent German best-seller rankings.



A book for all people who want to become successful. The motivation to write “Selfmade“ came from the many wishes of my listeners at lectures and of founders at workshops. These people have the goal to improve themselves. Therefore they want to share my experiences in order to find their own way to success faster. Because: Success is feasible if you only know how.



Traditional financial investments no longer work. In the zero-interest world, the old laws of asset accumulation have lost their validity. Never before has it been so difficult to invest and grow your money. And yet: anyone can achieve financial independence! I have written down my convictions, tips and advice on how to deal with money in the current investment climate.

Die Millionärsformel

The Speaker

Not only in books: Also as a speaker in lecture halls, at conferences and conventions I share my knowledge and my recipes for success with other people.



Date Placeholder


Born in Bremen, I grow up with my single mother in a mother-child institution in Hildesheim in simplest of circumstances. I am strictly educated by my stepfather.


As district youth champion in middle and long distance running, I celebrate sporting successes in my youth. After finishing school I enlist in the German Armed Forces for two years.


I begin my studies at the Hanover Medical School. To be able to finance it, I work part-time in the sales department of the asset management company OVB. I dedicate myself so intensively to financial consulting that I give up my medical studies.


My career in financial consulting is very successful and I am promoted to country director. In the meantime, at my agency I now have 3,000 employees. BILD, a German Newspaper, describes me as “Europe´s most successful young entrepreneur”.


Looking for new challenges, I quit OVB and invent independent financial advisory in Germany. For this purpose I found my own company “Allgemeiner Wirtschaftsdienst” (AWD). Within a few years, AWD expands into 10 countries with a client base of two million and 10,000 employees.


I take AWD public in the summer and shortly thereafter, I float it on the MDAX. The company grows strongly and achieves record revenues.


I am selling the company to the largest Swiss life insurer Swiss Life, which is renaming AWD as Swiss Life Select.


Giving back is important to me. I sponsor numerous child support projects (e.g. “Heart for Children”), support the University of Hildesheim in the project “Neurological Learning” and am co-founder of the International Neurobionics Foundation. I am also an honorary senator of the Leibniz University in Hanover and a freelance lecturer at the International School of Management in Munich.


With the foundation of the Maschmeyer Group a new chapter in my life begins. As an investor, I now passionately support founders of future-oriented companies.


In my book “Selfmade” I describe the principles of success and thus end up in the German book bestseller lists. Next to being an author, I also advise large international corporations on strategic challenges.


With the newly founded Paladin Asset Management InvAG, I now invest in companies that are undervalued on the stock market. The Paladin ONE mutual fund (securities identification number A1W1PH) has received several awards in recent years for its outstanding performance, including the Fund Award 2017 from the magazine €uro.


Professional success is followed by my private happiness. In France I marry my great love, the actress Veronica Ferres. My wife brings a daughter to the marriage, I have two grown-up sons.


I found another investment company, seed+speed. With this company we invest in early-stage companies from all industries. The experienced team of seed+speed supports founders especially in building up a sales force in the companies and provides valuable management know-how.


For the first time, I am in front of the camera as a juror in the TV show “The lion’s den”. Founders present their ideas and products there in front of five investor lions and hope to get them on board. The audience ratings increase, the show is VOX's most successful in-house production. I am also publishing my second book this year: The “Millionaire Formula”. I want to help people achieve financial independence.


The Maschmeyer Group becomes more international and invests in companies outside the Germany and Europe. I myself am often in Silicon Valley and am now very well networked in the American start-up and investor scene. In South Park - San Francisco we open our own office for the US investment fund Maschmeyer Group Ventures I MGV.


In the fifth season of “The lion’s den” I am involved in two records: In “Finance Guru” and “Smartsleep” I invest 1 million and 1.5 million euros respectively - the two highest deals in the history of the show. In addition, my book “Selfmade” is being published in a completely revised edition.


After only two years, our investment “studydrive” is acquired by Stepstone. Also my stake in one of Berlin’s Fintechs “barzahlen” is sold. At the same time our startup portfolio is growing rapidly - especially in the areas of artificial intelligence, Fintech, Blockchain, Cyber Security. The number of start-up investments made in the USA also continues to grow, and our portfolio company “Modern Health” is awarded first place among the “50 hottest tech companies globally”.


I return to the insurance industry at the beginning of the year. But fully digital! I invest in Neodigital AG, the first completely digital insurance company. For the first time there is a spring and an autumn season for the TV show “The Lion's Den”.

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